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Rock ‘n Renew | True Offsets

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Contributing Author: Rashon A. Massey

Through the travels of Benjamin Landsman, Co-Creator of Roving Festival Writer, we have united with the fantastic, eco-wise efforts of Rock ‘n Renew – truly, one of the next big movements in the music and event industry. Founded by Jonny Dubowsky, an RFWtv featured artist, the non-profit organization is ‘committed to the practical pursuit of environmental health and sustainability.’ Citing core target areas of action as energy, ecology and society, Rock ‘n Renew wants us all to begin to take responsibility and ownership of our environment, while being able to filter the information and process through artistic outlets.

The organization has only been around since 2006, but already has found ways to work with musicians, students and communities by creating ‘custom-design eco-blueprints for concert tours, schools, businesses, and events.’ Imagine a society where everyone is being held accountable for their environmental actions, creating methods in which the use can be beneficial for the exposure of arts, education and community well being. This is possible – and Rock ‘n Renew is aiming to be a contributor to the movement.

Rising beyond bringing awareness to environmental change, Rock ‘n Renew has put together an aid – Green Consulting. With the use of a wonderful companion, your business can remain a competitive force in a marketplace by addressing issues surrounding their impact on the environmental world behind them. By allowing Rock ‘n Renew the relationship to audit your company’s harmful energy footprints, both organizations can work cohesively to restructure and design ways to offset those choices. First, by addressing the problem, businesses can reduce operations that might be of excess to the deterioration of the environment; moreover, once implementing change for the positive, organizations alike can begin incorporating new methods of offsetting any energy footprints – which proves to rebuild a better business, brand and community.

Rock ‘n Renew has even gone so far as to launch its own carbon offsetting and reforestation project. A partnership rooted with ecological experts and botanical researchers, True Offsets ‘contributes to global cooling and heals a damaged eco-system by planting fast-growth, native species trees every month.’ By choosing to continue the ascension towards better business practices via True Offsets, you then become part of the worldwide solution to the crisis our environment is in.

Roving Festival Writer, LLC is proud to be working alongside Jonny Dubowsky, Rock ‘n Renew and True Offsets towards a future that educates, uplifts and betters communities both in the music industry and your local neighborhood. Change is not mighty, but small if everyone takes part. Please visit Rock ‘n Renew and True Offsets to find out how your band, festival, event, household or community might better from positive environmental practices.

Rock ‘n Renew | True Offsets