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Monday, September 27th, 2010 brings you the second part of it’s Dirty Projectors show at the Congress. Enjoy!

Camera/Editing: Raymond Grubb

Audio: James Linck

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Matt Costa Part 2 – RFWtv

Saturday, March 7th, 2009

Originally published March 03, 2008

Contributing Writer : Rashon A. Massey

Picking up from Part I’s entry, Matt did a kick ass set at the Blind Pig. I sometimes don’t enjoy Michigan audiences. We have the reputation out there for either being a tough crowd or down right lame; however, the Blind Pig sports quality fans and people at all times… and this group was a true home crowd.

The venue was far more packed than Matt’s last appearance at the Magic Stick in Detroit on 05/10/06. What I favored most within the growth of the south-eastern fan base was the overall existing knowledge of Costa’s music. People were openly singing and cheering along. I have a firm belief that when more college-aged men are happy, drunkenly-screaming at the act in encouragement…it is a good show.

I was thoroughly impressed to see Jacob on stage. With talk that he had to enter a local hospital after their accident, I didn’t even know if he would stick with the tour.

After the set, we caught up with Matt’s manager Chris for a talk about the road. At the time we found him, he was pacing the halls of the venue, gathering band members and equipment, preparing to pack up for the night. They shut down the top floor of the Blind Pig fairly quickly, so Matt and fans hung out in the lower bar while the crew struck down the premises. Chris was thrilled to run into familiar faces again on the tour, and was happy to inform further press that the band and Matt were fine. He said the accident did shake up members and was a true wake up call, reminding them how important every moment is. I could tell from the look across his face that he was REALLY appreciative of the Michigan love. Chris noted that both the Grand Rapids and Ann Arbor audiences we so generous post accident and theft, that it gave them the momentum to keep on trucking along. GO MICHIGAN!

Here is Part II of the ongoing Spotlight Artist series on Matt Costa. I am checking in with Chris sometime later this week to see how the gang is doing out on the road and will let you know probably sometime after Langerado.

On the video, you will find full coverage of Matt’s performance at Borders in Ann Arbor featuring songs “Josephine,” “Mr. Pitiful,” “Miss Magnolia,” and “Vienna.” There are two parts to the video so be sure to check them both out!

(as written by the crew :-)

Unfamiliar Faces
Yellow Taxi
Sweet Rose
Mr. Pitiful
Cigarette Eyes
Behind the Moon
Cold December
These Arms (Are Snakes)
Vienna (sausage)
Miss Magnolia
Ballad of Miss Kate
Manic Man