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PREMIERE | Big Gigantic Remix Chiddy Bang’s Opposite of Adults (KIDS)

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

Chiddy Bang – Opposite Of Adults (KIDS) (Big Gigantic Remix) by Hypetrak

This is one of those great moments when we watch one of our small, favorite artists take a giant leap towards stardom and pop-culture. Thus, we have a banger remix by Big Gigantic, re-imagining the sounds of Chiddy Bang’s “Opposite of Adults (KIDS)” hit anthem.  An exclusive at, baby!  In case you are unfamiliar with Big Gigantic, check out our coverage of their set and an interview from Camp Bisco 9.

The following text was pulled from :

In anticipation of Chiddy Bang’s The Preview comes a splendid remix of their radio hit “Opposite Adults (Kids)”. The rework comes courtesy of Boulder, Colorado-based Big Gigantic. Legend has it that when producer / drummer, Xaphoon Jones of Chiddy Bang heard Big Gigantic’s latest release, A Place Behind the Moon, he immediately reached out asking the guys to make a remix of “Opposite Of Adults” before The Preview is released tomorrow, October 12th. Big Gigantic cleverly combine Electronica elements with vibrant jazz melodies over pulsating dance beats. Their debut offering A Place Behind the Moon is out now. Be on the lookout.

“So Bombtastic – Big Gigantic just got your girlfriend pregnant” – Xaphoon Jones