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Klean Kanteen – WAKARUSA 2009

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

Klean Kanteen @ WAKARUSA 2009

Contributing Writer: Rashon A. Massey

As the sands of time continue to descend the hourglass, Man continually delves deeper into a quest of longevity, aching to find the fountain of youth – to drink everlasting waters that will secure His health, giving promise to an ageless and timeless life on Earth; unfortunately, the creature Man often dies early and untimely because in a search for the unattainable, the specie has allowed an overlook over the small things that matter.  In today’s society, we are discovering reasons everyday to stop, analyze and reconsider the choices we make and it is not’s point to EVER force feed any of those down your throat; however, we do suggest you spend some time looking into your own quest for life and wisdom – because the very products you source for health and strength, just might be hindering your development…in the most harmful ways imaginable.

Welcome to Klean Kanteen – not just a water bottle, but a lifestyle change to better your health.

Recently, mainstream-media has decided to raise the appropriate fanfare flag (a, “Code-Red,” if you will) about the plastic containers we use on a daily basis.  Whether the receptacles are holding liquids or Grandma’s Thanksgiving leftovers, leeching chemicals in the structure of the container are possibly doing serious damage to your health.

According to an April 16, 2008 article published via the health chronicles for U.S.News & World Report :

“Bisphenol A (BPA), a compound in hard, clear polycarbonate plastics, is getting official scrutiny-and things are looking less than rosy for the controversial chemical. The U.S. government’s National Toxicology Program yesterday agreed with a scientific panel that recently expressed concern about physiological changes that occur in people when they ingest BPA that has leached from plastics into their food. The Canadian government is even considering declaring the chemical toxic, reports today’s New York Times. This could set the stage for banning it from plastic baby bottles, water bottles and food containers…

BPA has raised concerns because it appears to mimic the effects of estrogen, interfering with hormone levels and cell signaling systems. Previous studies have shown that people exposed to high levels of BPA have a greater risk of developing uterine fibroids, breast cancer, decreased sperm counts and prostate cancer. Babies and children are thought to be at greatest risk from the exposure. In fact, the scientific evidence warrants “a higher level of concern than those expressed by the expert [scientific] panel for possible effects of bisphenol A on prostate gland, mammary gland and early onset of puberty in exposed fetuses, infants and children,” the NTP report concludes.”

Taken directly from the Klean Kanteen website:

“Klean Kanteen has grown over the past five years from a tiny, upstart company to a leader in the stainless beverage bottle industry. During this time, we’ve also taken significant steps toward lowering our environmental footprint through consideration and adjustments in every aspect of our facilities and practices. Ensuring our office paper is 100% post-consumer content, providing hand and dish soaps that are fair trade and eco-friendly, using Energy Star-certified office equipment – these are just a few of our earth-in-mind internal operations choices. Our commitment to sustainability also extends to the very beginning of the production process; we’ve increased oversight and conducted third-party audits of factories making our products in China to ensure they’re meeting Klean Kanteen’s high environmental and fair labor standards.”

Everyday, growing their partnerships with likeminded brands, Klean Kanteen supports MANY charitable organizations and causes, even making the commitment to contribute a portion of profits to specifically give back towards the health of our planet.  Please take time to learn more about the plastic products in your life; moreover, the companies who produce them!

While it was hard to leave my sticker-plastered Nalgene in the desert heat of the past, after Bonnaroo 2009, I have no idea how I can live without my Klean Kanteen.  The best part of my Klean Kanteen – when I do find the fountain of youth… I have a container that won’t counter the active ingredients… LIFE FOR EVERYONE!

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