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Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Win an autographed vinyl copy of “The Choice Cuts” by JJ GREY & MOFRO this week in our Win-It Wednesday contest of the week at our Facebook Fan Page.  All you have to do is stop over to our fan page, find the status update about JJ Grey and leave a lucky number.  We’re going to do a live draw on video at the end of the day pulling from a container filled with everyone’s numbers.  The number drawn will be the winner!!! How dope is that?  VERY DOPE!

The last time we caught a JJ Grey show was at this years Wakarusa Music Festival in the beautiful Ozark mountaintops of Arkansas.  This time around, we were SOOOO PUMPED to see that JJ uses a Sennheiser microphone (Sennheiser happens to be one of our sponsors!). In fact, the first time we covered JJ Grey was at the 2006 Wakarusa Music Festival…my how time flies.

To witness JJ Grey and the fellas in action is something of an experience.  JJ has a charm and charisma about him as he beads sweat down his brow, stopping his feet to the earth-shaking bass and drums of MOFRO.  Watching JJ is like watching old school R&B music from the 90s … yeah, I am talkin KC and Jojo type musical commitment.  Caressing a microphone in an a-shirt (aka “wife beater”) and shorts or possibly a flannel and jeans, JJ uses his vocal instrument to communicate swampy, southern-swoon…and always finds time to just…talk…to the ladies.

I have seen panties and bras thrown on stage at JJ and the gang, which certainly is meant to be a gesture passion, but all I can think about at a music festival is – “whose draws are these?” and “can you imagine how nasty those under garments are?”  But when you’re a rare talent that can tambourine with the best of them while singing the Stones classic “Sympathy for the Devil,” and effortlessly bring it back to the grooves you penned such as the audience favorite “Circles,” underwear and loyal fans are sometimes part of the experience.

Enter the JJ Grey & MOFRO WIN-IT WEDNESDAY promotion on facebook and find yourself getting lost in the magic of southern charm, great arrangements and authentic talent rising like mist from “The Choice Cuts” vinyl record.

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