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ROTHBURY 2009 – Lions & Hyenas

Monday, July 6th, 2009

ROTHBURY 2009 – Lions & Hyenas

a note from the Editor’s Desk

Sunday, July 5, 2009
Contributing Writer : Rashon A. Massey
Contributing Photographer : Andrew “Disco Santa” Wyatt
On Board Crew – Benjamin Landsman, Aaron “Bosco” Miller, Raymond Grubb, Garret Woodward, Joe Young, Portia Mathews, Andrew “Disco Santa” Wyatt, Mr. & Mrs. Jason ‘n Brooke Turgeon :-), Melissa Mooney, Anna Whalen
[ Yup, the WHOLE family! ]

Vigilance is the one word I would use to describe the persistent efforts to make ROTHBURY 2009 a success to remember.  In fact – the cast and crew that is the production team putting on ROTHBURY have been working in hyper overdrive to assure everyone that the memories and music from the 08 inaugural year never died… even though the road to this year was paved in uncertainty.

After a year of legal battling, the festival comes back stronger than ever, and from an inside scoop – full ownership of the Double JJ Ranch was not acquired until two days before crew arrived.  Yonkers!  With the production staff upping their game in a much-needed race to secure ROTHBURY as the cool, music driven eco-summit of today, new bridges had to be crossed; Choppy waters had to be tested; Fresh fish had to start jumping, and you know, when the cotton is high during this time of summer, those fish love to bite.

This festival has been the dawning of a new era : ‘lions and hyenas in one prideland (circa Lion King)’.

You see, a long time ago in festival seasons past, media and artist did not interact.  Media was kept in an (sometimes) air-conditioned tent, given bottled water until they ran out and were told ‘never boss up on musicians’.  At ROTHBURY 2009, all conventions have been broken.  We co-exist in an area known as the Broken Spoke, a free range for artist, press, staff and guests to talk, drink (FREE!  ALL DAY!) ‘n socialize like it was after prom.  I haven’t seen people radiate with a golden sheen of happiness in Michigan in quite some time, and that should stand out as a testament to the power of what this festival could truly contribute to the possible revitalization of the state.

The sets have truly been top-notch but what distinguishes ROTHBURY from the other festivals are the whiz and whirls that elevate the experience.  Sherwood Forest is back with a bitchin’ burlesque show.  And who can forget … Sherwood Forest.

You see – I am still figuring out what is ROTHBURY, and I think the festival organizers are feeling the same way.  Scotty, the man behind Revolving Door, shared, “ROTHBURY is the new Woodstock,” and though I understand his sentiments, I think he meant this:  ROTHBURY is the best chance we have at merging ideals, music, community and action in one forum throughout the Midwest; an opportunity, larger than a drug counter culture, that should be celebrated through and through.


In the Broken Spoke, we had our Mi Photo Booth, the GROOVE BOOTH, stationed behind a table of FREE SHIT!  And who doesn’t love free shit?  We will be uploading all (Well, some gotta be censored :-) ) photo booth snap shots, Garret and Portia are writing our article coverage while Disco Santa and Kerry from will be the photographic eye behind lens.  Bosco and Ray have a lot of editing so we will share video footage ASAP.

For now, enjoy a couple of early ROTHBURY favorites by Disco Santa :-)  and our Summer Camp Part 2 video will be uploaded soon.