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Jonny Dubowsky of Jonny Lives! – RFWtv

Monday, March 30th, 2009

Contributing Author : Rashon A. Massey

Having had positive encounters and feedback from major media outlets ranging from National Public Radio (NPR), BBC1 and FHM, Jonny Dubowsky is one musician you probably never heard of; however, within the music industry, the name stands as one of the most respected, innovative and important figures of environmental and social change.

The front face of the esteemed band Jonny Lives!, a group which released their debut album Get Steady in 2006, Jonny Dubowsky effortlessly blends signature NYC rock with British Pop & Punk. Prior to the debut release, the band released their EP for free download via exposure through MTVU – the brand division of the music branch that focuses and tailors content specifically for the college demographic. Influenced by the legendary sounds of The Kinks, New York Dolls and T-Rex, Dubowsky also claims to draw from fresh, contemporary artists of today such as The Artic Monkeys, Arcade Fire and The Killers. Over the course of the past years, Jonny has collaborated with fellow musicians Dave Grohl, Jody Porter from Fountains of Wayne, Sammy James Jr. from Mooney Suzuki, and Nick Valensi from The Strokes on everything from guitar to bar tabs; moreover, Jonny Lives! found themselves on the Van Wilder II motion-picture soundtrack and became a featured band with the South by Southwest tour (check out the video feature on the travels of the band in 06 here:!

Not until opening for Art Alexakis of the band Everclear did Jonny begin thinking outside the box about the environmental impact his extensive touring was beginning to do. Doing more than research and networking, Jonny eventually brought to fruition Rock N’ Renew – a non-profit organization that aids our communities with the sources of knowledge and assistance to help persons ranging from students to musicians live, act and produce in sustainable ways that better our environment. The organization connects the health consciousness of today’s greening efforts to art and music, eventually orchestrating a level of interest and overall excitement about green solutions to remedy our unhealthy habits. By creating custom-design eco-blueprints for concert tours, schools, businesses and events, Rock N Renew has become a future vehicle for the progressive actions individuals can take to better the environment.

Benjamin Landsman, Co-Creator of Roving Festival Writer, took a journey to Hawaii to spend time following the humble Founder and musician in the Fall of 2008. From documenting Jonny signing a new record contract to personal interviews and performances from around the islands, RFWtv presents to you our first video in an ongoing series devoted to Jonny Dubowsky and his rising influence in the world around us.

Jonny Lives!


Rock N Renew



Thursday, March 5th, 2009

Originally published

Honolulu’s Culture and Arts District is a place where the historic past and the exciting future of one of the world’s most charming cities come together. It’s the perfect setting for Halloween revelry, and this October 31 Honolulu’s first-ever Hallowbaloo is poised to give Hawaii residents and visitors an overabundance of cheer.” – Hallowbaloo Music & Arts Festival

Featuring Brett Dennen, Bill Kreutzman and Papa Mali great costumes and some funny antics, this is your first peak of coverage with RFWtv.