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BASSNECTAR | Camp Bisco 9

Monday, September 13th, 2010
THERFW.COM Presents Bassnectar live at Camp Bisco 9.
Editing, Production, Color: Raymond Grubb
Cameras: Michael Dedenbach, Raymond Grubb
Audio: James Linck


Message from Lorin!

Ahoy Bass Heads!
After this banana-brain mad dash of Burningman, Nocturnal and Electric Zoo, we have capped off the summer festival season with a bang! Thanks once again to all the awesome people who came out and made themselves a part of each incredible experience. This was the craziest summer so far, and now it is time for Fall Tour!!!!

This week i finished the latest Bassnectar EP, ‘Wildstyle’ which is the most bonkers collection of music i’ve ever created. Each song was crafted with you in mind, and how your body and soul will be affected when the waves of this music are crashing through your cells. We will have more info soon with regards to release, but it will definitely become centerpiece of the fall soundtrack.

Today we have even more dates to toss onto the heaping tour schedule:

Our East coast run will be topped off by a total rager at New York’s Terminal 5; our largest show in NYC to date, and a perfect follow up to the insanity of Electric Zoo & Camp Bisco! Also we have special guests Beats Antique along for the ride to round out the musical styles! Click for Tickets.

After the US tour wraps up, we are heading up north to our dear friends in Canada. The freakshow will come a-rollin’ through CalgaryEdmontonCastelgarKelowna,Vancouver and Victoria!!! This is an annual affair, and always an awesome experience.

Finally, the California Bass Heads will get a massive dose at our home coming party at the Fox Theatre in Oakland, CA. Tickets go on sale Thursday September 16th.

We will be announcing New Years Eve plans shortly, but since it is not in California this year we wanted to make sure to prepare a special event to bring everyone together in the Bay Area to rock the foundations of that epic venue!!!!



B-rookie WANDERLUSTs 2010

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

Contributing Writer/Photographer : Brooke Kettering aka B-rookie, your Kali Kinect

Wanderlust Music Festival

Squaw Valley, Lake Tahoe, CA

July 30-August 1 2010

Wanderlust was a festival I had been anticipating for months.  Yoga all day and music all night, in the same place, for three days!   As luck would have it, I broke my arm the Sunday before the festival…changing my plans for the festival weekend drastically.  Still, it was wayyy worth the 30 hours spent driving to and from.

It was my first time at Squaw Valley which is a beauuutiful, picturesque little mountain resort with Alpine-looking lodges and restaurants.   There was no on-site camping so my friends and I booked camping about 10 miles away ahead of time.  We weren’t able to get to the venue until mid-day Saturday (halfway through the festival weekend).  This meant that we missed Moby’s DJ set and Pretty Lights (major bummer).  Still way worth it.  I heard that Pretty Lights killed it, even from people who were solely there for the yoga classes and completely unfamiliar with electronic music.  We made it to the venue just in time for Moby’s 4:00 acoustic set.  But first things first.

We had to drive to the resort which was good and bad—it meant we’d have to drive home but also meant we could bring our own food and booze which we could have easy access to all day and night!  We approached the resort entrance, beers in hand, with trepidation.  Much to my surprise, we discovered that we COULD WANDER LUSTFULLY AROUND THE RESORT WITH OUR OWN BOOZE…and WATER!  The conversation went something like this.  Me: “Can we walk in with these?”  Wanderlust volunteer, “Ya!”. Me: “So I could, like, bring a bottle in…and walk around… and drink it?!”  Volunteer, “Uhh…yep!”  I was impressed already.  Though there technically were some rules and restrictions (like no booze in the main stage area), security was so lax it didn’t seem like it.  Another thing that contributed to the weekend’s blissful atmosphere…it smelled of Palo Santos wood EVERYWHERE!  If you are unaware of what that is I suggest finding some and burning it.   On top of that, the valley was crawling with bright-eyed, smiling, hard-bodied yogis and yoginis, cultivating a laid back, laissez-fair vibe to the whole thing.

After perusing the many yoga/fitness related vendors we made our way to the Yogi Tree tent where Moby was performing his acoustic set with a woman named Kelly Starr.  I had never heard of her but am definitely a new fan.  Everyone filed in the concert area, laid down their yoga mats and gracefully sat down.  There was a very casual, sing-along vibe from the get-go. All attention was directed stage-ward, ears wide open.   The backdrop of the stage was the beautiful mountains that cradled our wonderful weekend haven.  It was pretty breath-taking.  Moby and Kelly opened with a cover of Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire”.  They went on playing in an impromptu manner, playing unrehearsed songs that sounded just as lovely as their fine-tuned ones, including “Porcelain”, “South Side”, and “We Are All Made of Stars”.  They even included the sound guy on stage as the fuglehorn player (Google it).  The most heart-warming part of the set was toward the end, when Kelly Starr played her lullaby song, Neil Young’s “Helpless”, to her son upon Moby’s request.  Moby sat himself down with the audience, front and center with Kelly’s adorrrable son, who was comically more interested in the jelly beans he was snacking on than the angelic voice of his mother.  Audience members were visibly moved, many shedding tears and left even more zenned out than they had been upon entering.


After Moby we explored the venue some more.  I was pleased to see the familiar Om Shan Tea setup in the Anusara Village area, which is a staple at Do-Lab productions, where I became familiar with them.  Om Shan Tea is a tea house that operates on donation only, so whenever you’re cold or tired at a festival you can go to their bohemian, Buddha-inspired layout for some tea…even if you’re broke J.  By the time we were done sipping tea and conversing with like-minded, kindred spirits it was time for the Yard Dogs Road Show performance!

I’ve seen Yard Dogs before and they were just as entertaining as ever, with their trombone playing beauty, tap-dancing accordionist, flapper dancers, and over-the-top emcees.  These people really know how to entertain and are certainly a sight to be seen.  They’re a unique bunch of talented troubadours who never break character and are pretty much unclassifiable…you just have to check ‘em out for yourself.  Up next was the highlight of the weekend…Bassssneccctarrr!

As the sun went down during the Yard Dogs’ set the Beat Freaks began to trickle in.  It was pretty clear that many people in attendance either snuck in or came just for Saturday night’s show as the audience grew exponentially.  I think there were more people in the crowd for his set than there were at the whole festival all weekend.  The whole Pulse Stage area (the main stage) was shoulder-to-shoulder Nectarphiles, with curious new initiates intermixed!  Lucky for me, I got to rock out in the media pit the whole time which was clutch for two reasons—I could protect my broken limb from the throbbing, thrashing crowd and, more importantly, I could stand right in front of the sub-woofer J.   I’ve spent a good amount of Bassnectar shows front and center and even I, healthy limbs or not, would probably not have subjected myself to the unavoidable compression of that highly coveted spot.  There were some technical difficulties at the beginning of the set, causing a slight delay, but Bassnectar’s fans waited patiently knowing they would soon be treated with bombastic beats.  Sure enough, he opened with some new material and got right into Bass Head.  I had just been at a Bassnectar show exactly one week before this performance but the set at Wanderlust was entirely different from the previous one.  He played songs I had never heard live, including his remix of DJ Cheb I Sabbah’s “Alkher Ill Doffor” along with other parts of his non-album stuff.  He also mixed in some Missy Elliott and threw down his newest release—the remix of Metallica’s “Seek and Destroy”.  A couple things stood out to me during Bassnectar’s set.  For one, and I mean this with the utmost respect and appreciation, there were old ass ladies gettin DOWN!  Even in the chaos of the front row, right alongside their now not-so-different raver contemporaries.  The other aspect of this set that stood out, which I’ve witnessed at previous Bassnectar shows, was that the energy of the audience escalated and descended in complete synchronization with the beats.  There seems to be a sort of mind-body dualism between the man behind the laptop and his sea of zealots.  It’s hard to distinguish, at times who is leading whom…whether Bassnectar mixes in response to the vivacity of the congregation or if the crowd’s energy is being manipulated in time with the knobs on the mpc’s.  In any case, as soon as things would begin to approach mosh-pit level madness, the tempo slowed and the harangue of writhing Wanderlusters were coddled back into a tranquil acoustic trance.  One thought occurred to me…I wonder if they’ve ever considered setting up subs and speakers toward the back of the audience so people wouldn’t cram so tightly toward the front and could give each other more room to move freely.  Bassnectar was obviously the brightest of the zillion shining stars of Squaw Valley for the weekend.   Security seemed to basically give up on enforcing anything, which worked well for attendees.  They probably weren’t prepared for the drastic shift in age, intoxication level, and wardrobe that characterized the contrast between the day and night event-goers (I even met a couple guys backstage who had just walked right into backstage, accidentally, as they were trying to figure out where to buy their tickets).  Bass Heads were feeding off each other’s prajna, or life-force (had to throw that in there) and, thus, were buzzing with exhilaration throughout Bassnectar’s set and well into the night.   Lucky for us there were more bass-heavy beats to be heard by the beneficence of the beloved Ana Sia!…At least until the event’s early ending time of 2 am.

My excitement to see Ana Sia DJ was soon snuffed out…seems everyone at the Bassnectar show had the same idea and the bar/lodge she was DJing at rapidly reached  capacity (despite the fact that it was strictly 21+) right after Bassnectar’s set ended, with a huge line already manifesting.   There was some other electronic music projecting somewhere but I was pretty set on seeing Ana Sia’s set, since I had already missed the one she had the night before, so I hung around at Om Shan Tea until the line died down.  I was able to catch the last half hour of her set.  My friend described the setting like so, “it’s like a really dope, really bug house party.”  Summed it up pretty well.  Everyone was groovin, creating about a 30 degree temperature difference between inside the lodge and outside.  This was definitely the place to be.  Ana Sia was DJing alongside the soulful voice of live singer Erica D., creating a surprisingly well-entwined, creative collaboration.  The place was packed and spirits held high.  Though it would’ve been nice if she were set up at an outside tent so more people could listen in, the bar served as a nice (and warm!) change of scene and filtered the bass-mongers into a slightly more mature, toned-down audience.  End of a fantastic, free-spirited day.

Sunday brought even more, unexpected delights!  Ana Sia was kind enough to give me some of her time and agreed to set up an interview.  Her manager had requested that she find a serene, quiet place for this to occur.  What better a place than at 8,200 feet elevation, poolside, over-looking Lake Tahoe, which could only be reached by an exciting, awe-inspiring ten minute gondola ride up a mountain!?  What a lovely, sunny Sunday afternoon!  We chatted for about a half hour, she revealed to me in her nonchalant way that she actually is as cool and down to earth as she seems.  She brought the chick who had been singing over her mixing the night before, Erica D., as company and to graciously videotape the interview.  Ana had to take off for other endeavors so I decided to stay at High Camp (the location of all the activities that could only be enjoyed by regular festival attendees after an additional $25 payment to get there) and hang by the hot tub while my friends took their  yoga classes, which also overlooked the dazzling Lake Tahoe.  A few things were reported back to me about the yoga classes…mainly that they were hard as fuck…challenging in the way a great yoga class should be.

The poolside turned into a Sunday afternoon rager with DJ Leif supplying the tunes.  People were moving their rock-solid bodies either off on the outskirts doing inverted scorpions on top of boulders, gyrating, drinks in hand on the dance deck, or whirling around the whirlpool.  We pulled ourselves away in order to make it to The Pulse (main stage) in time for Beats Antique.  It felt sort of odd seeing them while the sun was still up but it was still an awesome set.  Zoe Jakes was sexy as ever.  I’ve seen better shows of theirs, with more contributing band members, but this one was good nonetheless.   Band member David Satori sarcastically asked the audience if our kundalini had been ignited yet.  They played one of their most recent recordings in addition to their older, more well-known material.  The next and last performance we saw was Brazilian Girls.  I LOVED LOVED LOVED them, especially the lead singer.  She’s interesting, funny as hell, and beautifully comfortable in her own skin.   She spoke directly to the audience throughout the show, at times to specific people.  She smoked cigarettes on stage (American Spirits only) and shared words of wisdom.  One particularly memorable quote was when she said, “We must get together and rebel, and once you start rebelling, don’t stop!”   She kept emphasizing how we are all the same, all loving and suffering the same.  She reached out to audience members and made sure everyone was shakin their ass.   At one point she commented on the fact that, despite everyone illegally downloading their previous album for free, they’d soon be releasing another.  Even though I had never even heard Brazilian Girls until this performance, I felt bad realizing this is true on many levels for many of the performing artists that festival-goers appreciate and regard so highly.  Whether it’s downloading an album or sneaking into concerts, music fans seem to have forgotten that their dollars are what allow such talented people to come out and entertain us, and that they DESERVE it.

After reflecting on all the beauty of the people, music, and environment of the weekend I decided something: all of us music aficionados need to prioritize and direct our budgets less toward personal ‘party favors’ and more toward supporting the artists that make these incredible events and experiences possible.

All in all, Wanderlust was a legit festival.  Security was chill, there was a great sense of freedom, they supplied drinking water, we could use the lodge’s toilets, the weather was perfect, and the music was phenomenal.  Only way it would’ve been better is if The Do Lab had put it on J.


B-rookie, your Kali Kinect


Friday, July 30th, 2010

Contributing Writer :  Brooke Kettering

Contributing Photographer :  Kevin Craig

This past Saturday, July 24, 2010, somewhere near the University of California Riverside (San Bernadino), an oasis was created for the bass-hungry youth of Southern California.  I, like many others it seemed, was not able to arrive until about 11:30 pm…just in time for Bassnectar’s set.  I was able to find parking pretty quickly on a side street to avoid the $20 parking fee.  My friend and I ran to the venue after anxious anticipation throughout the 2 hour car ride from San Diego.   There were still entrance lines and throngs of kids milling around the entrance when we arrived.  I hastily ran to the fronts of lines, which no one seemed to mind too much since I had a special piece of paper wrapped around my wrist and because most of the young people in Southern California are super chill and probably thought, “She must have a good reason to be frantically running around.”

I ran to the centrally located, easy to identify main stage, “The Boom Box,” just as Bassnectar’s set began.  It is arguable that there has never been as much human energy in the amount of space contained by the main stage tent as there was at this time and place.  The tent was bursting at the seams with sweaty, body-rocking, contact-high emitting Bassnectar devotees.   Bassnectar has an uncanny way of drawing a crowd and hypnotizing it with heavy, mind-bending bass.   He(/it?) has the unique capability of putting thousands of people in a trance-like state, causing time and space to become as arbitrary as the person next to you who (accidentally, of course) repeatedly stomps on your toes in a fit of frenzied dance moves.

Well, he done-done it again.  I quickly realized the up and down side of backstage attendance at a Bassnectar show.  On the upside, I had much more dancing space than even the furthest back attendee in the crowd.  On the major downside, virtually 100% of the bass is projected outward, toward the audience.  It is a completely different experience depending on which side of the bass you’re on, hence the old adage “Face the bass”, where one can enjoy the full body experience of bass sound crossed with sub-bass vibrations.  Other things became clear as I watched from the sidelines—1. I was probably the most/only sober person there,2. Bassnectar has as much fun playing the puppeteer as the puppets have absorbing the beats and dancing with them, 3. Just as Bassnectar lacks genre with music that transcends categorization, so too does his audience, as it is comprised of all ages, races, creeds, colors, professions, socio-economic statuses etc…creating an amalgam of human energy that is probably only known to exist in political and social revolutions, and 4. Stage security was going to be tough and relentless.

One thing that set this show apart from others were the sexy, weird, outer-space oriented dancers that took over the front of the stage as an extra element of visual entertainment, just in case the light show and screen display wasn’t enough.  These creatively decked out dancers contributed a new layer of absurdity to the anomaly that is Bassnectar.  I’ve been to my fair share of Bassnectar shows and it seemed as though he used an especially large amount of unheard/new material during this particular set.  In an effort to appeal to all listeners, as he always does, he remixed one of Kaskade’s tunes, threw in his Kingston Town remix, diced up some Passion Pit, added a little Nirvana while maintaining a healthy portion of his own newer hits including Magical World featuring Nelly Furtado and Bass Head.  In case I haven’t talked up Bassnectar enough, go check out the remixes and bootlegs on his website, experience the wonderment for yourself, and get stoked for his upcoming shows!  And remember, enthusiasm is contagious.

Article Continued After The Photos

Not gonna lie, I stayed at the main stage the entire night.  The lineup was just too dope to leave it!  It was as follows: DJ Sin, Eskmo, The Cool Kids, N.A.S.A., Talib Kweli, Nick Catchdubs, Bassnectar, Kid Cudi, Rusko, Daedelus, and Nosaj Thing.  Much to everyone’s dismay, Kid Cudi was kind of a disappointment.   It could’ve been the bass withdrawal after Bassnectar’s set, but Kid Cudi was simply not that impressive.  Rusko, his successor, however, stepped it up!  He played new versions of his most adored hits including Cockney Thug and Woo Boost…which were crowd pleasers for sure!  Despite the dispersion of attendees at this point, the energy was kept turned up as Rusko brought the sub-woofers back to life.  There were far less people at the main stage for Rusko’s set which allowed for more room for getting down, which everyyyone did.  People were dancing from stage to stage, on the sides of the stage, in the water lines.  The dancing didn’t stop.  And everyone seemed to encourage the dancers that were getting into it, feeding off each other’s energy, making Audiotistic something of a Love Fest.      Daedelus put on an amazing show as well. This was my first time seeing him live and will most certainly not be the last.  Besides the fluid beats, there was a rap-accompaniment who was quite talented and added a nice, hip-hop touch.  Daedelus also had dancers, only his version were naked, just painted, and included a hilariously entertaining larger man in tight gold leggings who was dramatically interpreting the beats.  After Daedelus’ set, Bassnectar’s didn’t seem quite so strange…

Nosaj Thing held it down as well.  I thought they rocked it; unfortunately, the scheduling ended up delayed so he only got a 30 minute set.  He didn’t start until 3:30 am.  By that time a lot of people had left or were too exhausted after the previous 8 hours of festivities to continue dancing.  Nosaj Thing didn’t have the crowd he deserved, but the dancing space was appreciated by those who pulled through.

All in all, this event was epic…whether it was the full moon, the audience, the set up, the incredible light shows and visual displays, or the sheer talent of the performers and production company…we’ll never know; regardless, it was an event attendees will look forward to next year!

My only hope is that they make it a two-day camping event so that the party-goers don’t have to drive home or pay for hotel rooms!


Monday, July 12th, 2010

Director of Video Production : Raymond Grubb

Film Crew : Michael Dedenbach, James Linck’s RFWtv series presents “Summercamp 2010,” featuring a lineup of bands including:

Umphrey’s McGee, The Avett Brothers, Cornmeal, Hot Buttered Rum, The Macpodz, Pretty Lights, Bassnectar, moe., ALO, STS9, The Hood Internet, Yonder Mountain String Band and more!


Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010
Bassnectar -  Massive Attack Bootleg

Happy Solstice!!!

Today is the longest day of the year, and we are spending it deep in a whirlpool of brainstorming. So many exciting projects and concepts are being hatched, and while we are being Mad Scientists in the Labs, we wanted to share another little piece of music:

The Massive Attack Remix is here and ready for your ears and bodies to consume!!!
Click Here to download

(link expires!!)

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to read more of the full story on this remix – the inspiration and how it came together, plus a video with bits of your footage from some of the recent HOTT SUMMER FRENZIES – i look forward to reading your comments!!






Rising producer MOREZEROS has been quietly remixing on the scene for years now.  Once this little track leaked to our ears, we couldn’t stop bumping it.

iLa Mawana

“Soldiers Of Sound”


Boston’s iLa Mawana just released their debut full-length album Soldiers Of Sound on May 15th. The eight-piece roots reggae group will be on tour throughout the spring and summer. iLa Mawana’s west coast debut kicks off June 4th, with a two-week tour throughout California and Oregon.

“…Boston’s next breakout reggae act.” – Lost In Sound

Tour Dates
June 25 & 26 – Block Island, RI – Captain Nick’s
June 29 – Boston, MA – Paradise Rock Club
July 08 – Westerly, RI – Paddy’s Beach
July 15 – Newmarket, NH – Stone Church
July 16 – Rochester, NY – Dub Land Underground
Aug 23 – Boston, MA – Rock On! Concert Cruise
Aug 24 – New York, NY – Rocks Off Concert Cruise