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Foo Fighters – Wasting Light

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

Foo FightersWasting Light

Contributing Writer - Garret K. Woodward
Throwing rock, metal and punk into a garbage bag like three starving feral cats, the Foo Fighters emerges from the vicious fight with Wasting Light, an album perfectly summarizing their illustrious career to this point.

Razor-sharp guitar chords, poignant lyrics, catchy melodies that not only provoke a sing-along, but also a rock-on hand gesture of solidarity- it’s a deadly potency ready to attack and maim the putrid excuses passing for music these days.

A band that I not only grew-up with, but also grew from and sprouted beyond, the Fighters represent my childhood, my adolescence and my emerging adulthood. They were there when I discovered women, pot, rock-n-roll and, most of all, ambition.

And here I am, 26-years-old, wiping spots of moisture away from my eye sockets while listening, stomping my feet to a rock entity that continually stokes the fire in my soul and in the unforgiving music industry which would be navigating like a ship without a rudder if Dave Grohl never decided to walk out from behind the drum-kit and pick up his guitar.

The group stands alone at the top of the rock food-chain. Maybe, if they feel nice enough, they may just throw some scraps of wisdom down to the bottom-feeders wondering how the fuck they continually dig out more gold and platinum in the studio from their time-tested formula of not fixing something if it ain’t broken.

Maybe, if they feel nice enough.

My Vinyl: Coachella Special: Henry Clay People & Delta Spirit

Sunday, April 10th, 2011

Michele McManmon

LA Indie Music Journalist/Photographer

My Vinyl is pleased to give a special Coachella nod to two of the HOT bands to check out next weekend at the festival. Both of these bands hail from the LA county area and are rising Indie music stars to catch live.

Henry Clay People bring back old school Rock n Roll with their gritty, straight forward sound and unique vocal stylings. Lead singer/guitarist Joey Siara took the time to throw down his fav Top 5 records…

1. The Clash- London Calling

2. Neutral Milk Hotel- In an Aeroplane Over the Sea

3. The Beatles- Revolver

4. Elliott Smith- Either/Or

5.  Lou Reed- Transformer

Delta Spirit drives down a homestyle blues sound infused with good old Rock n Roll.  Howling Wolf would be proud of these guys and the soul they kick into their jams.  Lead singer/guitarist Matthew Vasquez took a minute to give up his Top 5 records…

1.  Ozzy Osbourne-Blizzard of ozz

2.  Nirvana-In utero

3.  The Walkmen- You & Me

4.  Leadbelly- Take this hammer
5. Led Zeppelin 1


Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

TheRFW LIVE : SXSW Edition (2011) presents Deep Dark Robot featuring Tony Tornay and Linda Perry [Interview Session]