Capital Zen

Contributing Writer – Garret K. Woodward []

Bouncing out of Albany, New York like a rubber ball violently chucked at the world, prankster prog-rockers Capital Zen leave one confused and curious over what exactly is radiating out of the speakers.

The melodic slackers self-titled release is an outcry against the usual young adult fears- responsibility, government mind control, and the end of mankind in 2012.

Whiplash transitions. Kick-you-in-the-crotch percussion. Cat-scratch guitar riffs. Swampy bass hooks. It’s all there. The ideal recipe for a progressive jam entree.

And yet, they don’t sound like Umphrey’s McGee. They don’t sound like Phish. They don’t sound like moe. But, it’s that mere fact which keeps the listener’s attention.

They aren’t like the top-of-the-crop touring acts. They have added a few extra ingredients (hip-hop rhyming, friendly nods to nu-metal, and a hard rock edge) that separate them from innumerable other acts diluting the scene with a cookie-cutter brand of jam.

It seems there is potential within the confines of Capital Zen. Yes, the road is long and arduous, but, with a little bit of hard work, luck, and a keen sense of what’s waiting for them if they give up (a job), Zen is heading in the right direction- even if we can’t really decipher what that is at this current juncture.

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