A Better Me = A Better You

“A Better Me = A Better You”

Contributing Writer : Rashon A. Massey

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So after ten months of intensive planning, the Roving Festival Writer tour season is underway.  I can hardly believe it.  Seriously.

Leg I

Summer Camp Music Festival

Wakarusa Music Festival

Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival

Just as many journeys before in my life, I underestimate the time and patience it takes to actually achieve a goal I set out for myself.  I remember once hiking in the Shenandoah National Park, a divine portion of Miss Virginia which isn’t afraid to show off her finest assets.  While climbing a mountain, I pondered:

“If I know I’m already going to climb this mountain, make it back down and return home to finish another 40-hour work week, why can I not look at all mountains (obstacles, if you will) and be confident they’re not only heights that can be conquered, but believe I can confidently achieve the feat well enough to look towards the next challenge?”

The moment was pretty darn epic.  Granted unanticipated hurtles are always bound to pop-up along the run of the path, the true digestive acceptance of possibility was enough for me to get a full-stomach.

This ten-month mountain has come and gone, and I knew all along that no matter the outcome, this mountain would dissolve itself into the next mountain before my eyes.

This summer, TheRFW.com staff is working with some great partners again including Klean Kanteen, Oxfam America and A Greener Festival (AGF).  Sennheiser, the industry powerhouse and superior life-force of audio sound for top acts like Pink, American Idol and the NBA, has lent their microphones and headphones to our video production crew.  This translates to mean the overall quality in our work will not only be enhanced because of our upgrade in cameras, but the products used from Sennheiser.  As a collective ensemble, we finally feel like we are at a place to communicate with you, our friends, in the consistent and qualitative manner we have always known we’re capable of.

As I just touched upon, AGF and Roving Festival Writer have partnered up again.  This summer, I will be one of the official green auditors of Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival in Manchester, TN.  This essentially means I will work with Laura Sohn, Bonnaroo Sustainability Coordinator, and conduct an intensive look into the practices and workings of the greening initiatives the festival has adopted for 2010.  Pretty exciting stuff to a guy like me; moreover, the openness and idea of exploring a festivals eco-conscious efforts made me take a hard look at myself.

Although I like to think I am not your average ignorant American, I found myself having to come to grips with some facts and truths about my current state:

  1. I am not very green.  At all.

This is not saying I am doing bad or looking at myself in a self-deprecating manner; rather, this is me being open to an honest assessment of where I was standing crossing the quarter century earmark in my life.

Something had to change.

This would call for a lifestyle change, and the first place to begin would be to teach and expose myself to new information, people and experiences.  A change in lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight.  Lifestyles take on new color and occur after careful time and consideration have taken place, and with those tools, we as individuals are able to decide whether we repeat old habits and actions or head down a road paved in different choices.

While Roving Festival Writer tours, I am going to start an open series of self-discovery writings that chronicle my journey in meeting people, learning information and making better choices to lead my life at full potential; hence, ‘A Better Me = A Better You.’

It’s now 1:43a.m. on May 27, 2010.  Ben Landsman is asleep on my couch, sprawled like a lion under a sweltering African sun.  James Linck has finally awoken from a much needed sleep and Raymond Grubb rests in the guest bedroom.  Johnny Villareal and the Edge of Imagination Station (with Kate and Matt) are almost crossing the border of Illinois, home of our first festival, Summer Camp in Chillicothe (running May 28 – 30).

I am going to get some rest as we have a long day of traveling on the road, but I sure hope you decide to stop by and see how we are doing on our journey to ‘document music just as’ this summer; moreover, stay in touch while I discover a new phase in bettering myself for the benefit of those who surround me in life.

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