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I was interviewed this past Saturday for the documentary film being made on St. Louis’ Rock & Roll Hall of Famer: Johnnie Johnson. The film is being written and produced by local St. Louis TV news broadcaster (from our local NBC affiliate: KSDK-Channel 5), Art Holliday.

First of all, for you who don’t know the legendary status of Johnnie Johnson (and shame on you music fans who don’t), Mr. Johnson was the piano player on most of those great Chuck Berry hit singles and album tracks as well. Johnnie actually asked Chuck Berry to join his band after seeing the great response the crowd had at the East St. Louis,Illinois music venue -The Cosmopolitan Club – on New Year’s Eve 1952. Johnnie eventually named the band after Chuck Berry’s name and they played together on records and live shows until 1973. Johnnie Johnson was elected into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2001 and passed away on April 13, 2005.

Beatle Bob

Johnnie Johnson received very little recognition to his massive contributions to rock & roll until the Chuck Berry concert/documentary film Chuck Berry Hail! Hail ! Rock n’ Roll was released in 1987, with the concert footage taking place on Chuck Berry’s 60th birthday at St. Louis’ legendary concert venue: The Fox Theater.

When Art Holliday was going through the Fox Theater photo archives of the the filming of the movie, Art noticed a photo of me holding six tickets for the Chuck Berry film concert. I was the first one in line to get tickets and stayed in line for over 50-hours to get 6 first row seats! You can actually see me for a few seconds in the movie dancing.

Below is a picture taken of me minutes after I purchased my tickets for the concert-film. Also, below is a link to hit for the official Johnnie Johnson movie. Save this link as it is updated regularly.


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