A Future Midwest?

A Future Midwest?

Thoughts from a startup after the conference.

Contributing Writer : Rashon A. Massey [TheRFW.com/Blog/15secFame]

Roving Festival Writer received the esteemed pleasure of being invited to the FutureMidwest conference.  Taking place at the Royal Oak Music Theater, the gathering was a two-day intensive seminar aimed at the marketers and techies seeking to network, learn and discuss social networks, marketing sciences and analytics upon a bed of brand construction, organization and maintenance.

For Ben and I, this proved to be the click of reality that a strong, emerging technological infrastructure has been developing throughout the state of Michigan for quite some time.   Although we expected more twenty-something’s like ourselves, we did meet and interact with a packed house of individuals who were a small representative sample of the thriving communities branching right in our own backyard.  Even the largest sponsors who backed the event including GM, FORD and Verizon Wireless, played a role within the production of the event, from internet access to presentations sharing methods their companies were harvesting their social media outlets and brand marketing initiatives to yield the best results.

The conference was no joke about time slots, moving the first session forward through 20-minute presentations.   Instead of going into details of the event, I will share what I felt were the universal concepts throughout majority of the presentations.

Right from the start, this was a conference aimed at teaching that “retention is the new acquisition,” providing tools to understand, utilize and enhance the overall user-generated experience via social networks and websites.  As far as being a brand, Sam Valenti IV, Founder of Ghostly International, knocked the ball out the park from the onset of his presentation, sharing why it was important to be a permeable brand.  Using a textbook example, he referred to brands as homes on a spread of land surrounded by a picket fence.  He dared and challenged us to understand which neighbors and strangers were attractive to us, find open-generated methods of grabbing their attention to bring them to yard.  It would be Kelis’ “Milkshake.”

The highlight of the conference echoed in the voice of Jay Adelson, Entrepenuer and Former CEO and chairman of Digg (.com), a Southfield, MI native who has been part of integral actions which have given us the Internet.  His passion about the energy, event and the possibilities for the Midwest didn’t leave a single person feeling anything less than superhuman.

But is there really a future Midwest?  Can the once agriculturally, automotive driven hot spot be transformed and potentially birth the next Silicon Valley?  Time will only tell; however, with the recent direction of the economy, corporations and government decisions, things are looking mighty bright for some of these hardest hit areas of America.

Check it out : http://www.futuremidwest.com/index.html

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