Perfect World

Contributing Author : Garret K. Woodward [TheRFW.com/blog/Garret]



With the release of their third studio album, “Perfect World”(Harmonized Records), prog-rock gurus U-Melt have once again unleashed another offering of existential intuition amid a backdrop of melodically proficient music.

Though the 10-track release features the last collaboration with founding guitarist Rob Salzer (who was replaced by Kevin Griffin this winter), a feeling of unity and utopia emerge between the quartet and the listener. Each tune is structured with a unique lyrical theme. Whether it’s our place in the Universe, shaking hands with a stranger, or just existing in our own time- the core values of beauty amid chaos is evident.

The selections are inviting and warmly embrace any who are intrigued to take a moment and immerse oneself into the seemingly tranquil flow of the album.

The soft, yet playfully assertive, finger licks of keyboardist Zac Lasher cradle eager ears. Molasses-thick bass hooks from Adam Bendy cause your legs to stick to the floor. The spiraling guitar chords of Salzer seep into your gyrating muscles, while the pendulum drumming of George Miller and three-part harmonies float out of your speakers- provoking a freefall of positive emotions.

But, the true splendor of this record lies in the encouraging consistency of U-Melt- a consistency which is not only a testament to the work ethic of these road warriors, but also compliments their pure intent of progression through experimentation.

Key Tracks: “Pura Vida”, “Perfect World”, “Panacea”, “Question Matters”

Tour Date

Thu, March 25 8:00 pm The Emerald Lounge Asheville, NC
Fri, March 26 8:00 pm The Double Door Charlotte, NC
Sat, March 27 8:00 pm Smith’s Olde Bar Atlanta, GA
Wed, March 31 8:00 pm Plush Tucson, AZ
Thu, April 1 8:00 pm Goat Head Saloon Mesa, AZ
Fri, April 2 8:00 pm Winston’s San Diego, CA
Sat, April 3 8:00 pm The Mint Los Angeles, CA
Sun, April 4 8:00 pm The Connecticut Yankee San Francisco, CA
Mon, April 5 8:00 pm The Crystal Bay Club (Red Room) Crystal Bay, NV
Wed, April 7 8:00 pm Hodi’s Half Note Ft. Collins, CO
Thu, April 8 12:00 pm University of CO Boulder Boulder, CO
Fri, April 9 8:00 pm Quixote’s Denver, CO
Sat, April 10 8:00 pm Quixote’s Denver, CO
Sun, April 11 8:00 pm Old Town Pub Steamboat Springs, CO
Wed, April 14 8:00 pm Old Rock House St. Louis, MO
Thu, April 15 8:00 pm Copper Dragon Carbondale, IL
Fri, April 16 8:00 pm Reggie’s Rock Club Chicago, IL
Sat, April 17 8:00 pm Otto’s Dekalb, IL
Fri, April 23 8:00 pm The Stone Church Newmarket, NH

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