Spose It’s Worth A Mention

Spose It’s Worth A Mention

Contributing Writer :  Garret K. Woodward [TheRFW.com/blog/Garret]


Taking a direct cue (or perhaps an evil hybrid?) from blue-collar emcee Eminem and white-collar rap nerd Asher Roth, New England hip-hop artist Spose is spreading across the country faster than a venereal disease on prom night.

After hearing endlessly about this guy from my little sister (and all those quoting his vulgarly offensive small-town-white-guy-gone-bad lyrics), I curiously took a gander at this native of Wells, Maine- a coastal town known for classic cars, succulent lobster and white picket fences.

Tackling everything from Sunny-D, Harry and the Henderson’s, McDonald’s, cruising in his mom’s car (“I‘m Awesome“), and updating his Facebook status, Spose initially comes off as a chump in baggy clothing. But, after a few spins, his skanky demeanor and laughable presence eventually becomes charming and notable amid an industry which sometimes takes itself too seriously.

“Drug Girls Money Liquor” (backbeat of “Say It Ain’t So” by Weezer) and “Fuck It” (backbeat of Motown classic “I’m Your Puppet”) latch onto your brain like those gooey blobs on Futurama.

You don’t know why you’re listening to it, but you can’t stop clicking the play button.

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