2 Responses to “MTV’s Big Change”

  1. intheblender says:

    The new logo looks like the M is sinking into the sand or something. Branding is important to a product, and on cable tv it’s all about being specific. I wonder what the fallout will be in the media world. I think a new channel ought to spin off and show a bunch of classic videos.

    • admin says:

      Ummmmm I agree! Branding is everything; however, a couple years back I had the opportunity to sit with the Sterling Brand, one of the brand advisory companies for MTV, and they were in the process of doing some grassroots, statewide traveling to find out how the company image was holding up; moreover, how the newer generation of music fans were or were not embracing the brand as a relevant source of music. I figured this would happen after my discussion with them, but again that talk was in 2006ish. So four years later we are seeing the transition of MTV. I am down with the change, personally.

      …and yes, it does look like it is sinking- A visual representation of the forthcoming fade to black of the entire brand itself.

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