Susan, Solange & Of Montreal?

Susan Sarandon, Solange  & Of Montreal?  On the Same Stage? WTF?

Contributing Writer : Rashon A. Massey

WHOAH!  Someone slow this crazy train called entertainment DOWN!

I am casually going through the information highway, picking up cool things to share with the RFW readers and came across this AMAZINGNESS!  Susan Sarandon and Solange Knowles joined the band Of Montreal on stage for EPIC performances.

Being a fan of the band for years now, and having witnessed the live spectacular more than a couple times, I know that Kevin Barnes and his crew of artists don’t fail to let me down.  With synth-pop instruments laid underneath a vocal prowess that channels rock, R&B and even some Prince aesthetics, Of Montreal is very similar to the Flaming Lips.  You don’t really appreciate the music until you’ve seen them live performance; moreover, once you do, for some reason, you are counting down the days until your next violated, visual mind trip.

So even I can’t imagine Oscar winner Susan Sarandon parading on stage, dressed as a strict school teacher with a ruler in hand, spanking men dressed in pig suits.  Thank technology for YouTube because I didn’t need to use any imagination.  It’s all been put out there in several mobile device clips.  All streamer and confetti shooting seconds of brilliance.  Even Solange Knowles, you know, Beyonce’s hip little sister, joined Kevin on stage for a cover of the Jackson 5′s “I Want You Back.”  How much were ticket prices?  Because the band surely gave a heck of a show.

Watch the SPANKING of SARANDON above and below, here are more links to the performances.  Enjoy!

Susan Sarandon/Of Montreal dancing with streamers :

Solange Knowles/Of Montreal “I Want You Back” duet:

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