M.I.A. vs NY Times

Benjy Eisen – Spinner.com

On Monday, the same day that the media widely reported that M.I.A.’s upcoming album would be her most “honest,” the 34-year-old rapper took to Twitter to tell her fans how she really feels… about the New York Times. A Sri Lankan refugee with personal experience of that country’s horrifying civil war, M.I.A. took offense at an article that ran in the New York Times listing Sri Lanka as the number one (out of 31) place to visit this year.

After giving the publication a verbal middle finger, via Twitter, M.I.A. asked, “Do you think you need to go here on vacation?” with a graphic photo from Sri Lanka attached that would make anybody wince. She tweeted several additional, brutal images of war casualties, one of which came with the caption, “Here is the lush coastline they are talking about.” The photo is not for the faint of heart.

Although she was born in England, M.I.A.’s family moved back to their native Sri Lanka shortly after her birth. She has always been outspoken about her homeland’s bloody civil war and has often used her music as an outlet for her rage against the violence and injustice that came with it.

In a candid interview with Spinner last year, M.I.A. said, “When I left Sri Lanka, the town got deleted.” It’s easy to understand why she might take issue with the travel advice, then.

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