Street Team for WAKARUSA 2010

Strapped for cash?  Here’s your chance for a full event pass to WAKARUSA 2010!

Join Jam Street Solutions on the 2010 street-teaming venture for the Wakarusa Music & Camping Festival located in Ozark, AR. You must accomplish multiple tasks and goals leading up to the festival to receive your ticket, camping, and parking pass.

Contact to get started today! had a brief interview with Tim Nipper, a founding member of Jam Street Solutions to discuss his passion of festivals and why it is important for the fan-to-musician relationship remain an ever-growing dynamic with both live and recorded music.

Where you from?

TN: Springfield, MO

How long have you been festivalin’?

TN:Fallowed the Dead from 92-94.  Did Phish and JGB tours during those years when the Dead were off the road.

How do you feel about street teaming and the marketing potential for artists through that outlet?

TN:Street teaming is essential to all bands, whether they are an established or up and coming band.  Street teaming for bands and festivals creates contacts with multiple people who may have never heard of the band or festival.  Even if they already know, it reinforces the band or event into their minds helping brand the band or festival.

When did you first decide to start JSS and how has the journey progressed so far?

TN:JSS was formed in 2008 and has seen its share of speed bumps along the way.  Some of the highlights include working with Wakarusa and Mulberry Mountain.

Why is it important for fans and musicians to interact outside of just actual shows?

TN:We think it humbles the artists and allows the fans to participate in their interested bands.  We have witnessed communities built just through social interactions and functions during musical events.  A perfect example would be the Chompdown.  The Chompdown is an event that provides free music and free food during a festival weekend.

Which festivals are you excited for in 2010?

TN:We’re glad to see the rebirth of Wakarusa since it’s move to Ozark, AR.  We’re crossing our fingers that there is a Mulberry Mountain Festival in 2010?  Summer Camp is also on our do not miss list in 2010.

What changes are you hoping to see with some of the festivals you attended last year?

TN:We would like to see more diverse line-ups.  We would hope that festival organizers would take into account how many excellent bands there are out there and not keep repeating the same acts on their bill year in and year out.

Do you prefer the larger festivals over the smaller, or opposite?  Why?

TN:They both have their own mystic.  At a smaller festival you can get more intimate with people as the festival evolves.  Personally, I love being around people so I would have to say bring on the big festivals.

Your budget is endless, and if you could throw your own festival, who would be on the bill and where would it be?

TN:I’m a huge UM and WSP fan.  Having them both headline would be incredible.  I would fill the fest with smaller acts that helped diversify the musical blend.  I would like to see all the recyclable’s from every festival from the year before be constructed into a floating island in international waters.

Why should folk get involved in the JSS family?

TN:The one thing JSS has going for it is there is no real materialistic goal.  It was created so that regular people with no background in musical production could get involved.  For us there is nothing better than seeing a large group of street reps convening for a group photo at an event.  The smiles on their faces is what it’s really about.

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