Contributing Writer & Photographer  : Rashon A. Massey

What can I say?  I have been sleeping for far too long, isolated in a locked basement growing with depression.  Music becomes a mans window to the outside when this happens.

The last time I was feeling this way, it was in 2007 and I was living in a friends attic room of his house, causing a ruckus with some help from my comrades Stemz, Seedz and Solo Cupz.  Crazy times that became fueled with gasoline leaking from my speakers. An oil, rich sound from the first Wolfmother album; ah yes, before they disbanded and reemerged this 2009 with “New Moon Rising” for the Twilight New Moon soundtrack.

This time around, I found myself seeking refuge in the wailing harmonies, gut-wrenching, new n’ crude truth of raging blues and heartfelt emotions of Dr. Dog.  This is one of those band names that you’ll read and either say, “OMG! You’re so four albums too late,” or “I think they were on this one festival bill I went to in 07…or was it 08. Actually,  nah – I never heard of them;” for me, it was definitely the latter.  Scouring the net for all the bio makeup I could cake upon my musical soul, I came to find this special gem of a group had been side by side with me for years along the festival circuit.  From the last standing Langerado to Bonnaroo, and I never once caught them.  I never even got a nudge of the elbow from a fellow Festie that this ‘was one band I had to see’.  So I don’t feel bad about running a couple miles to jump on the back of this bandwagon.

I finally caught the group at this years Chicago Bluegrass and Blues Festival in Chicago.  Closing out the show in a performance that shook me, I was able to witness and be part of an experience you…just remember for years to come.

Now, catching up on their albums (I have their latest release, 2008 FATE on repeat ALL DAY. EV’RY DAY), my instinctual reaction to the band is like what I felt when I heard My Morning Jacket and Kings of Leon YEARS ago – these guys will be HUGE; moreover, they are WAY better than Kings of Leon any day in my book (I say this largely in part to not understanding several damn things Caleb Followill was spewing on the first couple albums).

The guys will be up to some mischief in 2010 and we will certainly bring you some wonderful video coverage to come.  In the meantime, check out the video from an NPR session and photos from the CBBFestival.  The Myspace, I am sure, has the albums available for streaming so if you weren’t in the loop – don’t feel bad.  Just catch up.


AND ONLY LISTEN THROUGH HEADPHONES!  For the audio-wonderland they create is a true daydream at any given moment.

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