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Rock the Earth December Newsletter

Friday, December 25th, 2009
Give a Gift That Defends the Planet!
As we approach the end of our 5th year of Defending the Planet One Beat at a Time , we’d like to update you on what your generous support has enabled us to achieve this past year, and to ask for your continued support and consideration in 2010.
2009 has been our busiest year ever with significant progress made on a number of major environmental fronts, and an unprecedented Education & Outreach effort that saw us reach a record number of music fans across the country. Highlights include:
Victory on the Mattaponi River Front! - In what was our first artist-suggested advocacy issue, after several years of national awareness raising by Rock the Earth (and litigation by other organizations), officials withdrew plans to build the massive King William Reservoir in Virginia
Progress in the right direction in Pinon Canyon – Rock the Earth, in a coalition with ranchers and other environmental groups, forced the Army to withdraw plans to expand the Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site, an environmentally sensitive area in southern Colorado.
Mobile phone recycling – This year, RtE began collecting mobile phones via high-profile, fan-engaging action-drives at festivals around the country, in a campaign to raise awareness about the damaging effects of improper disposal. Want to recycle your phone with free shipping?  We’ll reward you with 20% off future Musictoday purchases.  Visit for more information.
As our activities increase, so does the pressure on our resources.  We are asking all of our friends and supporters, both new and old, to try and help if they can.  We know you understand the need to protect our natural resources and feel a responsibility to protect the wilderness areas we have left for future generations. Please make a tax-deductible donation today.
With your investment of $25, $35, $50, $100 or more, together we can continue to advocate for the environment, get our message out and Defend the Planet One Beat at a Time!
This holiday season, we are offering some incredible gift packages which include: CD’s, DVD’s, Limited Edition posters, T-shirts, hats and other fabulous Rock the Earth merchandise. These packages make excellent gifts for loved ones…or even an extra gift for yourself! To view all gift packages, please visit our Membership Gifts page.
If you sign up or renew your membership by December 31 with a gift of $25 or more, you will receive one bonus thank you gift of a free Live Download card good for one full concert download.
Please visit the RtE website for more information, and find out how YOU can help!

In the Key of Green: Warm Your Home
The U.S. Department of Energy estimates households can save 10% a year on heating and cooling by turning the thermostat back 10 to 15 degrees for eight hours in the winter and the same in the summer.  A home energy audit is the most important first step homeowners can take to finding heating leaks and energy drains.  If you’ve already done that, consider some of these eco product options to take the edge off winter, and save you money.
Low Cost: Keep warm air in and cold air out by weather stripping doors; it’s only a $30 or $40 outlay. For homes with central heating, reseal ducts around the vents; price per vent is as low as $20.
Medium Cost: Buy a programmable thermostat that lowers energy use during non-peak family times: daytime work/school hours and nighttime sleep hours.  This way the boiler won’t kick in while your house sits empty, or when everyone is asleep.  Cost for an Energy Star rated unit is between $200 and $300.
High Cost: Consider an outdoor reset controller, a $400 to $500 expenditure that adjusts the water temperature for your boiler based on outside temperature.  For about the same investment, you can improve the efficiency of heat-eating fireplaces by approximately 75% by installing inserts.
No Cost: Check wall temperatures today with your hand or bare forearm to detect cool spots that signal air seepage, which while this may require some cost for the necessary caulking or insulation, the savings in energy is good for your wallet and reduces energy consumption which helps everyone.

Fifth Anniversary Celebration
Special thanks to Brooklyn Bowl, the Everyone Orchestra, and Six Point Ales for helping us celebrate five years of Defending the Planet One Beat at a Time!  Held December 2nd & 3rd at New York’s Brooklyn Bowl, Rock the Earth hosted a Fifth Anniversary celebration featuring music from The Everyone Orchestra. A great time was had by all, and an extra heap of kudos goes to Peter Shapiro, Matt Butler and Jeff Gorlechen for their generous support and consideration!

Who’s Your Planet Defender?
Since 2006, Rock the Earth has presented an annual Planet Defender award to inspirational defenders in three categories to those who uphold the ideals that Rock the Earth believes in. In 2009, RtE recognized Incubus in the “Musician” category, Van Jones (Green For All) in the “Community Leader” category, and Jessy Tolkan (Energy Action Coalition) in the “Grassroots Activist” category. These winners were chosen from among dozens of nominations made by Rock the Earth members and friends.
We are once again asking for nominations of those individuals who embody Rock the Earth’s mission of Defending the Planet One Beat at a Time. Keep an eye out for those folks who you feel are helping to protect our planet’s most precious places, and nominate them for the prestigious Planet Defender Award. Send your nominations to: .  Winners will be announced on Earth Day, April 22, 2010.

Rock the Earth Member Benefits: Bamboosa
One of the many benefits of a Rock the Earth membership is 20% off Bamboosa products . Bamboosa manufactures certified organic bamboo fiber clothing and baby products that are naturally antimicrobial, biodegradable and soft. Bamboo is one of nature’s most sustainable resources and is naturally regenerative. With a growth rate of up to a meter or more per day, bamboo holds the world record as the fastest growing plant. And, bamboo is actually not a wood but a grass, continuously sending up new shoots after harvesting without a need for replanting. Bamboo takes in nearly five times the amount of greenhouse gasses, and produces 35% more oxygen, than an equivalent stand of trees, making it an efficient replenisher of fresh air.
Bamboosa also uses eco-friendly dyes and 100% recycled paper with a minimum of 30% post consumer waste in their packaging. Their products are sweatshop-free and made in the US.
Go here to see a list of all Rock the Earth membership benefits »

Member Benefit: FREE Concert Tickets Offered Exclusively to Rock the Earth Members!
Did you know that Rock the Earth members can enter to win FREE TICKETS to concerts at Denver’s Fillmore Auditorium, and Ogden and Bluebird Theaters, Boulder’s Fox Theatre, New York’s Water Street Music Hall in Rochester, the The Fillmore at Irving Plaza and the Nokia Theatre Times Square! YOU could be rockin’ out to Les Claypool, Keller Williams, Cheap Trick, Tea Leaf Green, Anvil, Little Feat and MANY MORE, ABSOLUTELY FREE! What are you waiting for?
Enter now at! Include the show of your choice in the subject line, and your full name and contact details in the email.
Remember – you can only win these tickets if you are a current member of Rock the Earth – be sure your membership is up-to-date before entering.

Merchandise Sale!
In an effort to reduce our inventory, and frankly, to clean up the office, we are offering all Rock the Earth merchandise as drastically reduced prices to current members, PLUS we’re throwing in a Nugs.Net Live Download card for every $25 spent. You heard right, pick up a t-shirt, water bottle, tote bag or hat and receive a free bonus live download card, redeemable for your choice of MP3 authorized, Live concert soundboard recordings, from bands such as: The Grateful Dead, Phish, Black Crowes, String Cheese Incident, Widespread Panic, Smashing Pumpkins, My Morning Jacket, Counting Crows, Umphrey’s McGee, and many more!! If you’d like to pick up another water bottle, cinch bag, baseball cap or t-shirt, NOW is the time to do so.  Please call the office at (303) 454-3304 to place your order.  To see what’s available, check out our merchandise page(s).  Sale ends Jan 31, so don’t delay… hurry while supplies last!!

What Rocks Your Earth?!? Matt Butler (Everyone Orchestra / Hot Buttered Rum)
Known primarily as the driving force behind The Everyone Orchestra , Matt Butler’s long and colorful history in music includes eight years in Jambay, one of the preeminent jambands on the scene in the 90s. He also has film scoring and production credits and has two CD’s of his own music including The Redwood Project, an award-winning ambient groove walk through the forest.
Currently Matt is playing drums in San Francisco indie grass outfit Hot Buttered Rum , and when he is not on the road, he teaches drumming, conducts workshops and lives by the ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ motto.  Matt is also on the Advisory Board of Rock the Earth.
What environmental issue(s) do you consider to be the most critical at this time?
There are so many critical issues; it’s hard to pinpoint just one.  I would say the one most prevalent in my world right now is Nature Deficit Disorder – the theory that people, particularly children, are spending less time outdoors, resulting in a wide range of behavioral and societal problems.  There were several instances recently on the Oregon Coast, not far from where I live, where people driving on the beach were mowing down protected seabirds, killing hundreds of them.  My sense is that if these people spent more time connecting with nature, their life might play out a lot less as if they’re acting out some part of a sick video game.  In my own life, I live in a fairly urban environment.  But, my kids have been raised without television, we have a flock of chickens in our backyard, and we grow a significant portion of our vegetables in our garden.  Even though we don’t live in nature, we find ways to stay aware and in tune.
What has inspired you to combine environmental activism with your art?
My first solo album, The Redwood Project, produced in 1999, was originally composed as the soundtrack to a documentary film about the clearcutting of the redwood forests in Northern California.  I was living in the area at the time and spent a lot of time hiking in those incredible forests.  That experience birthed my coming out with environmentalism and influenced my art in a big way.  But really, the environmentalist in me is not separate from anything I do in either my art or my life. It bleeds through into everything.
Where is your favorite place in nature to go to find solace or inspiration?
There’s a lake near the Oregon Coast where I’ve been going with my family for a number of years.  When I get into the canoe in the middle of the stillness, and watch osprey diving for fish or newts mating underwater or a beaver swimming by with a stick in its mouth, I come down a few notches and remember what makes the world go round.

Volunteers Rock!
We want to thank all of the incredible volunteers who generously donated their time and energy this year.  Rock the Earth would not exist without the support and consideration of individuals who want to make a difference and we applaud their commitment.
If you would like to get more involved, we are always looking for individuals who want make their voice heard. Here are just a few of the ways you can volunteer with Rock the Earth:
  • Participating in environmental education, membership solicitation and outreach at events
  • Providing regional coordination of events and volunteers
  • Supporting fundraising & membership drives Offering legal & technical assistance to RtE projects
  • Assisting with data entry & mailings in our Denver office
Contact For more information, visit

Stay Connected
Rock the Earth invites you to follow our musings and up-to-the-minute events and issues coverage at, and become a fan of Rock the Earth on Facebook to stay updated on the most notable news stories, photos and events in the Rock the Earth realm.

Napster’s Impact 10 Years Later

Friday, December 25th, 2009

Ten years after the music industry filed lawsuits against the upstart file sharing service, the music business looks completely different.

Street Team for WAKARUSA 2010

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

Strapped for cash?  Here’s your chance for a full event pass to WAKARUSA 2010!

Join Jam Street Solutions on the 2010 street-teaming venture for the Wakarusa Music & Camping Festival located in Ozark, AR. You must accomplish multiple tasks and goals leading up to the festival to receive your ticket, camping, and parking pass.

Contact to get started today! had a brief interview with Tim Nipper, a founding member of Jam Street Solutions to discuss his passion of festivals and why it is important for the fan-to-musician relationship remain an ever-growing dynamic with both live and recorded music.

Where you from?

TN: Springfield, MO

How long have you been festivalin’?

TN:Fallowed the Dead from 92-94.  Did Phish and JGB tours during those years when the Dead were off the road.

How do you feel about street teaming and the marketing potential for artists through that outlet?

TN:Street teaming is essential to all bands, whether they are an established or up and coming band.  Street teaming for bands and festivals creates contacts with multiple people who may have never heard of the band or festival.  Even if they already know, it reinforces the band or event into their minds helping brand the band or festival.

When did you first decide to start JSS and how has the journey progressed so far?

TN:JSS was formed in 2008 and has seen its share of speed bumps along the way.  Some of the highlights include working with Wakarusa and Mulberry Mountain.

Why is it important for fans and musicians to interact outside of just actual shows?

TN:We think it humbles the artists and allows the fans to participate in their interested bands.  We have witnessed communities built just through social interactions and functions during musical events.  A perfect example would be the Chompdown.  The Chompdown is an event that provides free music and free food during a festival weekend.

Which festivals are you excited for in 2010?

TN:We’re glad to see the rebirth of Wakarusa since it’s move to Ozark, AR.  We’re crossing our fingers that there is a Mulberry Mountain Festival in 2010?  Summer Camp is also on our do not miss list in 2010.

What changes are you hoping to see with some of the festivals you attended last year?

TN:We would like to see more diverse line-ups.  We would hope that festival organizers would take into account how many excellent bands there are out there and not keep repeating the same acts on their bill year in and year out.

Do you prefer the larger festivals over the smaller, or opposite?  Why?

TN:They both have their own mystic.  At a smaller festival you can get more intimate with people as the festival evolves.  Personally, I love being around people so I would have to say bring on the big festivals.

Your budget is endless, and if you could throw your own festival, who would be on the bill and where would it be?

TN:I’m a huge UM and WSP fan.  Having them both headline would be incredible.  I would fill the fest with smaller acts that helped diversify the musical blend.  I would like to see all the recyclable’s from every festival from the year before be constructed into a floating island in international waters.

Why should folk get involved in the JSS family?

TN:The one thing JSS has going for it is there is no real materialistic goal.  It was created so that regular people with no background in musical production could get involved.  For us there is nothing better than seeing a large group of street reps convening for a group photo at an event.  The smiles on their faces is what it’s really about.

Contact to get started today!

Music Linked to Marijuana Use

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

By LiveScience Staff

Teens who listen to music that mentions marijuana are significantly more likely to use the drug, a new study finds.

The research was based on surveys with 959 ninth-graders.

“Students who listen to music with the most references to marijuana are almost twice as likely to have used the drug than their peers whose musical tastes favor songs less focused on substance use,” said University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine researcher Dr. Brian Primack, who led the study.

“Interestingly, we also found that exposure to marijuana in music was not associated with other high-risk behaviors, such as excessive alcohol consumption,” Primack said. “This suggests that there is a real link between the marijuana lyrics and marijuana use.”

Among the study participants, 12 percent identified themselves as current marijuana users, with 32 percent identifying themselves as having previously tried the substance. The researchers analyzed the content of songs that the students reported listening to.

The average participant listened to 21.8 hours of music per week and heard about 40 marijuana references in music per day.

Researchers controlled for such demographic variables as age, race, gender, parental education and school grades in analyzing the data.

“Although it may be that heavy exposure to music about marijuana causes marijuana smoking, it may also be that those who smoke marijuana seek out music with lyrics related to marijuana,” Primack said.

The study, published online by the journal Addiction, was funded by National Institutes of Health, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Maurice Falk Foundation.

Kid Cudi Held at Gunpoint by LAPD

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

By Monica Herrera

NEW YORK (Billboard) – Rapper Kid Cudi was held at gunpoint by police in Los Angeles Tuesday, in a case of mistaken identity during a search for suspected robbers.

Cudi, whose real name is Scott Mescudi, was in the middle of a photo shoot for Britain’s NME magazine when he and his entourage were pulled over on Fairfax Avenue by police.

NME reporter Emily Mackay later blogged about the incident, describing a dramatic scene that included “an angry, shaven-headed American policeman screaming, ‘KEEP YOUR TWO HANDS VISIBLE!’ while pointing a gun at the back of your head through the rear window.”

According to reports, Cudi and his entourage were ordered to exit three vehicles and kneel on the ground, where they were handcuffed. Police soon released the group, however, upon realizing that they had detained the wrong party.

“Such is life, apparently, when you roll with Kid Cudi and his crew,” added Mackay.

The incident occurred a week after the rapper left his opening slot on Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball tour — ostensibly to “balance his schedule” — in the wake of criticism for punching a fan at a tour stop in Vancouver.