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Contributing Author: Rashon A. Massey

In the years of festivals past, an era rang loud where tickets were only $25 and a promise for a brighter future was just a sugar cube away. These days, the gatherings are far more expensive and the outlets to expand your mind are probably filtered through the same methods; however, the experience might be growing into something far more rich.

In today’s market in order to thrive as a successful music festival, your alliance needs to have a star-studded lineup of musicians hooked by a fantastic relationship with booking agencies, a publicity firm who works and knows the best and a direct working with the space and local community in which the experience (festival) takes place – And that big detail of location has become the platform for the growth and change that is beginning to occur at the gatherings.

Festivals are on a rise of interest not only as a source of music enjoyment but a hub for knowledge. Season after season, promoters, marketers and sponsors are finding the benefits of directly working with the demographic spread of attendees, as well as latching their brand and name with structural matters of importance with each festival. With an environment that is suffering a great deal from our harmful behaviors, no surprise is found that many festivals are now turning a new green leaf.

Finding strength in numbers, festival organizers have begun to look past the responsibility of providing a safe and fruitful location for music and interaction; moreover, many have begun to take seriously the power of the cohesiveness that can result in bringing such a large number of people together. Taking notice of numerous successful music festival events in the UK, Americans are finding that in order for the festival to stay of interest in the hearts of fans and financial backers, they must rise above music billings and create an eco-friendly, conscious agenda at whatever location they claim home. This way, by creating a cycle where not only are we sharing but giving back, festivals can grow to become the go-to spot for finding your inner human being – in the best way possible.

A Greener Festival is just one of several emerging figures in the music industry that are part of the rewarded efforts to those festivals who rise above and beyond. A not-for-profit company that remains ‘committed to helping music and arts events and festivals around the world adopt environmentally efficient practices through providing information, by providing education resources and by swapping ideas.’ A mighty ambition for just a couple of dedicated persons, A Greener Festival is gaining much attention and working alongside many of the successful festivals to date including Glastonbury, Rothbury, Bonnaroo and Boom. Understanding that not every festival can adopt ideas of change and implement them as quickly, A Greener Festival is merely providing an open forum for the event organizers to begin working together. To make a worldwide interest of music gatherings evolve to a place of shared growth that is rooted within the development of positive environmental practices is a place to start – and with the combined core of three that is Ben, Luke and Claire, A Greener Festival hopes to be that catalyst.

For more information on the expansion of A Greener Festival or to find out how your festival can get involved, visit A Greener Festivals newly designed website.

A Greener Festival


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  1. Coolgent2009 says:

    It is about time festivals are held responsible for the fields of filth they create and sometimes leave behind!

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