Langerado Music Festival 2008 – Day 1


“Langerado Day 1 (Well, Technically, Day 2)”

Originally Published March 07, 2008

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Contributing Author – Rashon Massey


Ben and I are posting straight from the Langerado Music Festival. The Beastie Boys just finished an enthusiastic set, although stage lights made it hard for some of us photographers to get footage. Well, here is the list of what we have seen, our feelings thus far on the festival and our plan of action for the last couple of days.

We arrived at Langerado last night around 10:30 p.m. EST. After quickly setting up shop (i.e. parking, tent and food) we made our way to the actual town of Langerado to see what this place was all about. Having not covered this festival before, my expectations were varied. I was not sure to be overly critical or let the time flow for itself. In the end, I am glad I opted for the latter choice.

The people here are fantastic! The energy and motivation of the audience to meet one another, exchange stories and experience music together is unmatched; however, this is reminiscent to my first Bonnaroo in 05. Whether you call this a ‘hippie-crowd’ or not, the need for happiness and life is why this group of folk have gathered… and Langerado has yet to disappoint.

The first real set that we watched came this morning as we anxiously made our way to The Dynamites set. Being a highlight artist during our Langerado pre-coverage, the band and Charles Walker fully delivered on multiple levels. Chris and company did a phenomenal job on horns, while the lead guitarist and Charles Walker held down the drive and orchestration of all band members. I was thoroughly impressed as the Landerado audience slowly filled the crowd before the stage.

Afterwards, Ben and I checked out Brett Dennen who followed The Dynamites set but on a different stage. Kicking off the music with his single “Darling, Do Not Fear” and to the surprise of the listeners, Adam Lebowitz and Steve Adams of the Animal Liberation Orchestra (ALO) provided harmony/vocals and instrumentation for the singer/songwriter. Lebo, fellow California native, was all over the place today also jumping on stage and doing a KILLER solo riff with Ozomatli. Word has it that Matisyahu did a good job, while he also joined both G. Love and the Wailers on stage.

The Roots…were late. And not that on point. I was ready after all of the reviews that heard/read , but they let me down. The audience grew more than impatient, one notch from heckling the artists prior to them hitting he stage. They were… ok at most. By the end of their set, many individuals (like I) were already waiting at the Everglades stage for tonight’s headliner The Beastie Boys.

We are getting ready to go back to the van and relax before the late night sets of both Umphrey’s McGee and Sound Tribe Sector 9 (STS9).

We got exclusive footage you will ONLY SEE on RFW including set highlights, photo and video interviews. Will be keeping you posted on Langerado 2008.

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